Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Salton Sea


spring in central park

she smiled and said she just didn't want to

Big Sur

The woman jumped out of the car and took photos of the big sur coast.
She had great sporty legs and her skirt kept blowing up to reveal a thonged bottom.
The man was pudgy wearing sunny's and seemed happy as if he'd caught a big fish.
He held her skirt down as the wind kept wanting to reveal her legs.
I caught a glimpse of her bottom as she hopped back in the convertable BMW.
All in all a memorable moment.

visitors to hope springs will know this lovely shelf of ceramics

'I wanna make it big in Hollywood' (madonna)

Thats a tall order for a short guy!

A man without a moustache is like a cat without a tail

And I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line

No cell phones by the pool!

the pool is a communal area for relaxing unwinding, idle chatter, staring at the sky, wondering why, sunscreen in your eye, get sweaty and have a dip type of deal, please leave your cell phone in the hotel room on its own.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Three beautifull ladies stand before me, but I only have 2 photos in my hand. Those two ladies will continue in this competition, but the other must pack her bags and leave immediately.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

went to Laguna, California today, I saw the tidiest toenails in the county, they must have taken somebody ages to achieve, Tabitha told me the process. The lady was also wearing a toenail ring, I bit like a yoga instructor may. We walked the beach for five minutes then took the hour long car journey back to Costa Mesa. Think I'm coming down with  cold, tried to have an arvo nap, but kids were laughing really loud outside, Tabitha managed to sleep from 3.30pm to 7pm. Now we're sipping on Cammamile tea and watching Troy, Eric Bana has a great body in this film, actors are so motivated.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Blog

I just set up this blog, for I wanted a website but have not yet got around to it