Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Went crazy one day and did this abstract expressionist picture, felt great to do but I'm back to painting in detail...I aint no Tony Tuckson
'were never gonna survive unless we get a little...' The Seal
The Seal wnet nuts and now he has a Heidi Klum and performs at Victoria Secret premieres
... ...
ya gotta love...

Leah made these ripper cast crystal ceramic bracelet thingy's

Nephew Cam cares

Nephew Cam, posted a picture of my 'Tarzan of the Garden State' 2004 painting, behind the fish tank. He now serves tea and biscuits so you can sit and enjoy the fish and my painting and Cam and tea and biscuits...
St Heliers Community Store @ the Abbotsford Convent

theres a monthly healers market in Moonee Ponds now. Didn't get this Elf Help book there though, Leah gave me that for Chrissy.