Sunday, February 28, 2010

peter singer me somethin tres miserable

We cannot, for example, reason with Mother Nature. We cannot sanction our way through global warming or declare war on the melting ice caps in the Arctic in order to make them cease their melting. We cannot gather the dying bee population together, demand by law that they stop dying, and oder them to continue to pollinate our plants, lest we suffer starvation from lack of plant regeneration. Reason has run its course when it comes to Mother Nature's life system, we intuitively know this to be true. We can feel that there is a psychic pressure in the collective atmosphere, a type of shared anxiety that is both personal and impersonal, as if the atmosphere is pregnant with impending disasters, but yet the five senses tell us the world we live in looks the same as it always has. Only intuitively we know it's not the same. Everything about our lives is changing at light speed now, changing so fast the world we wake up in is significantly different from the world we go to sleep in each evening.
-taken from Caroline Myss defy gravity
thanks jake for thethings change rock

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the Von solo

Paul Philipson Solo a heirachy of loss Show opens at c3 next Wed 3rd of march at c3 gallery at the abbotsford convent.

Luciende by the Ussher has a lovely feel
open now at uplands gallery

Monday, February 22, 2010

Melbourne trendoid making cultural observations in the Todd River

friends know i visit George the Chinese doctor quite regularly for guidance. It's been a difficult but very rewarding journey joining George as we navigate the path to opening our true hearts. I have until now been unsure how to pass on some of what is passed on with George, so i thought I would try add a quote or something maybe each week to get the ball rolling it may roll from there, because even the very strong polar bears simply diminish in numbers without a habitat. The seed needs water as they say.

This little drawing came from George telling me he thought I was 'wood' in charecter. I think you can be either wood, metal, earth, wind, fire or cheese. Don't bind up your branches or become a plank, reach out like a Todd River Snow Gum.

little worlds

a few faves in this exhibition
at luce gallery

Monday, February 15, 2010

you don't know it
but its
or is it

hell show this friday

Hell’s Bottom Drawer

Hell’s Bottom Drawer
Selected by Jess Johnson, Susan Jacobs, Katherine Hattam / Opening Friday 19th Feb, 6pm til late / BBQ, Films & Tunes / 20.02.10 - 13.03.10

Angela Brennan / Aaron Carter / Jon Cattapan / Jad Fair (USA) / Philip Flynn (JAPAN) / Adrienne Gaha / Andy Gritscher / Brent Harris / Katie Lee / Richard Long (UK) / Will Mackinnon / Rob McHaffie / Rowan McNaught / Jordy O’Connor / Daniel Price / Hell Toupee: Benjamin Teuben


Hell Gallery launches into 2010 with a drawing show that throws a wide net over the Mark Makers of the Universe. Hells Bottom Drawer presents a selection of artists that mixes generations and conventions. From well known artworld figures to those completely independent from the artworld. Throw in a seventy-year age spread and drawing is shown as an equaliser; a unifying human compulsion in all its forms: functional, scrappy, immediate, meticulous, precious or throwaway.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

swimming in water or tears

found this little drawing I did of daniel johnston

Thursday, February 4, 2010

bedroom wall

Care Factor
be sure to have a sneaky beaky peak of the 'notes to self' lifted from Joanna's bedroom wall
Joanna Anderson at Seventh Gallery project space for the next few weeks.

The News

-I feel like a greek adonis
two words- sea breeze
Rhys Lee show of loose as a goose NY and Peru inky boys on at block projects