Monday, June 28, 2010

found this oldy called 'passing'
I painted 2004

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moon complains to the Sun

I become quite unloving by Wednesday
I have my meditation class Thursday, that gives me some hope
Friday night I lay it on the line, only to regret it most of Saturday
Sunday is worth living but Monday comes too quick
and Tuesday is pretty nondescript, then its back to Wednesday
I become quite unloving by Wednesday
I forget to bring my green bag shopping

Baby Jesus Brings Rain to Africa
Djordje Ozbolt
new show

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

postcard from uncle rice

hey bobby tang!
ships ahoy, raining buckets down here, f'n freezing, chopping firewood all day, and put this wool on my head to keep warm, Trying to paint to pay off the credit card, got the car fixed cost $3000 dollars and still sounds like it is dragging a metal pole, but now road worthy. Sleeping inside a sleeping bag with the hood on and a doona and crotchet blanket on top. Can you take a few points for me? Thanks Tang? How are you supposed to stick to a hundred on that long stretch of road? Still haven't met the locals.
lifes great couldn't be worse...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


grandpa Jim 91,
one minute and the next

Monday, June 7, 2010

man vs wild

I did the rounds in primary school

Adam Landsdown's mum worked at Peter's Ice-cream so we could have as many Buffalo Bill's as we liked there, and take home a few stickers.
Johnny Eklunds mum, made fantastic salad sandwiches, and I went on a camp trip to Rosebud, with the Ecklund's and she did a top job crumbing and BBQing the flathead we caught.
Callum Deakins mum, never had much to offer except maybe a sunnyboy.
Nigel Stein's mum would give us a dollar so we would go buy that stuff that explodes in your mouth then turns to chewing gum.
Scott Wilcox mum would offer us a bowl of muesli after school which was pretty weird eating cereal at 4pm.
Warwick Brown's mum did the best sponge cake and creamy icing and always had a bit of Mars bar slice on offer.
Cameron Atkin's mum, had a pantry full of chips, wizz fizz, everything. Spent a few years hangin out with Cam.
Anthony Reece's mum did really buttery ham and cheese sandwiches in the grill. Outside and inside buttered.
Chris Naylor's mum, was pretty big on licorice.
My mum, did that nice coconut, strawberry jam, biscuity slice which was pretty popular.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

you are mine



I guess you are

the prude needs to harden up

country folk laugh and have big red faces
I cry and have skinny pale face
country folk eat lots of lamb
I don't
country folk hate kangaroos for eating their gardens
I love kangaroos for eating their gardens
country folk drink beer and laugh more
I drink soda water and put dissapproving looks on my face
country folk say- lets go fishin, lets go motorbikin, lets go to the strips
I say- is there a good regional gallery around here?