Sunday, December 21, 2008

new hippy paintings I did whilst in Burringbar northern NSW, really fun living up there, nature, health, warm, beach, beauty, trippy folk, markets etc
the little one of the guy in the red kaftan is titled ' I better tidy up, the realestate guy is coming over at three'
thanks simon hewson for photo's of the paintings

the title of the fish painting is 'a brief summary of our achievenments thus far' and goes well with the painting of leah with facial cream on.
thanks simon Hewson for the photo's of the paintings

some new work from US trip 08
thank you Simon Hewson for taking the photos

Friday, December 12, 2008


schoolies in Lorne was way bigger than the Gold Coast this year


I could do anything tonight, yeah the night could really take me anywhere and I'm willing I'll give anything a go, I'm open
I love your girlfriend
I love her vibe
I love your little lady
I love her hair at the moment
there she goes
just doing her thing
I love that about her
just doing her thing
I love your girlfriend
I just cant get enough of her at the moment
she travels a lot doesn't she
I love your girlfriend
she must have a few tricks up her sleeve
I love your little lady

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wanting to be famous worldwide is a universal feeling
I've reached my ideal size
size surfer girl