Friday, May 31, 2013

Went to life drawing class on Thursday, the 41 year old model Aylsa was from France, but grew up mostly in Africa, now she's giving the SE Asia thing a whirl. She's been in Hanoi for 4 years developing schools and has a 4 year old girl, but is about to pop again with twins a boy and a girl due in ten days.  Her British hubby couldn't be with her at the moment but her stylish Parisian mother sat around with dark shades on. She's in Bangkok for the birth because the hospitals are a bit better here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Somebody get this guy a can of solo!!! Haven't seen anyone bench truck wheels for ages...

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hi! Here's a quick recap of my buzz for newcomers. In 2009, I morphed suddenly and dramatically from being a human to being a full blown party animal. Not in the way that you're thinking though. In a way that is not able to be thought about unless it has been felt. I became the venue and the reveller all at once, without the help of stimulants, but with the help of a lot of sensual stimulation, through various forms of art. I quickly became a highly productive compassion factory completely unattached to possessions, hell-bent on sharing my newfound psychic wealth.

Since 2009, Crystal Diamond has been the gift that keeps on giving.

Had a trippy morning in Pattaya, walking around on the top of the hill there. There's a big buddha and lots of little devoted animals hanging around. Pattaya, is a really worn out place and this was my third visit. Hope I don't ever go to las Vegas again as once was enough. Culturally it's very interesting because of all the strange men lurking around and it must boast the most Russians outside Moscow, all giving hot weather a whirl. Nok and I had our first dinner together without baby as Noks mum could mind her for a few hours. We had a lovely time talking about squishy bub for a few hours before collecting her again. I had a lovely tomato soup and these vegie things then they brought out this spinach quiche which I must have ordered by mistake....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Patrick Hartigan, pushing nude territory at Darren Knight gallery this month.