Saturday, January 30, 2010

yeah great party

great party

great party
what a moon, so bright
there was talk that you need to begin the year like a down hill skier, lean forward, so's you don't fall on your botty.
there was talk that squatting is much healthier and a veteran said that theres no going back. 'Going back would be like trying to drink whilst hanging upside down he said.
I was complimented for keeping the dance floor moving during some of the quieter periods.
thankyou for the tray of macaroni and cheese and the punch. Usually lasagna would be served but since there was a few vegetarians macaroni and cheese was the fill. Had my fair share of dorito's also.
We wish Crystal Diamond a very illuminating voyage

Thursday, January 28, 2010

good ol' Glenn Baxter

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

liz maw-the future of her

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't prod the quiet acheiver

tis' the year of the quiet acheiver
let them do their thing

(images henry darger)

Melbourne Funky Guide

where to go when I'm feelin' low
-the slots
-the strips
-the races
-the local
-the devine master of all spiritual realms
-the MCG
-the NGV
-the QV
-the Crown
-the gym
-the shed
-the bed
-the web
-the theosophical bookshop
-the afrobeat drumming lessons on Smith St
-the next Vice Party
*Conditions apply- some of these may make you feel lower

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
I looked at your blog. It looks like your having a ball, all that partying, babes etc. As it's Summer and I have not much to do, I was wandering if your could please invite me to the next party etc. or Summer fun thing. If not that's ok, the tennis starts at Rod Laver soon and that should keep me pretty busy. I'm thinking of getting a 'flat screen' to watch it.
In the burbs with no air con.

(image Nathan Mabry -tootin my own horn)

summer lovin' had me a blast

cockatoo's might be monogamous but maybe not king parrots. Caught Rice, sharing his oats with this gorgeous queen.

because her beauty is raw and wild

I woke early for morning horse sermon. I stood at the fence a while before she slowly walked over to me. She said -chew your food slowly like this. And I watched her massive jaw muscles work as she nibbled around her feet. Keep your diet simple and fresh. She said - don't get too bothered by the flies in your eyes and all over your precious body. And I watched as she gently shrugged and the flies jumped off.
I ripped up some fresh grass from my side of the fence and gave it to her. She showed great appreciation.
As I was leaving she called to me from the middle of the paddock and said I have one more lesson for you- share your paddock with the the original inhabitants of this land.
Jeez she left me thinkin'

Sunday, January 17, 2010

VINGT CULTURE Musée d'Orsay Art Nouveau

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Bono
I wake depressed each morning, I don't know for how long
the drain of the mundane
its time to do something
book some tickets to something
see something, walk somewhere
Hot and bothered fan.

Dear Fan
'you've got your self stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it'-the Bono
I felt like that one morning so I invented the 'MY DAD ROCKS' t-shirt
the Bone

Saturday, January 2, 2010

poem for the city by a kangaroo

why would I go back there
full of cunts, cunts getting fired, trying to sell me shit
looking for work, climbing the ladder, fuck that
out here I've got a sweet patch of grass
the sun calls me to rise each morning
the cockatoos are always up for a chat
everything I want and nothing I need, fuck that
have your google earth, I've got the earth between my toes
come visit sometime, the freeway takes you all the way here now
plenty of service stations along the way and Bunnings warehouses, fuck that

(thanks Hugh for the first couple lines)

Happy New Years

look after the little fellas this year