Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bus Haight-Ashbury to the Hilton

Some Crustafarian puts his feet on the seat next to me on the bus
crusty toenails hangin over the edge of dirty thongs.
My brain says scream at him "shove your filthy feet in your mouth as apposed to resting them on the clean cloth of my vintage levi's"
I over hear his conversation to skater-dude- "first time I ate mushrooms was in Amsterdam, Yeah man, yeah man, they get em so fresh there, yeah man, you can buy them at the bar, yeah man"
I try my hardest to read my new book ' the revolutionary pleasure of thinking for yourself'
I steal a glance at crustafarians face douseed in greasy curls.
Finally our bus stop we stand. Crustafarian says to my lady friend, " has anyoe told you your beautifull today'. She answers yes, he says "someone should tell you everyday" Don't give me the guilts crustafarian. Shes a total booty poppin magnificent being of form and colour.
Seductive crustafarian have a good meal, a shower and take aweek off the drugs. cut the toenails.

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