Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come home

Come home, are you ready to share your room again
you'll have to take all those posters down
start fresh maybe put some flowers in a vase
she'll like that, the room gets nice sun in the morning
you'll probably wake long before her
just smile and go for a walk, come home pick some flowers on the way
who knows when the right time is to wake up
boiled eggs, some rye bread, and mushrooms
water the plants outside
check if shes woken
yep, her eyes are heading toward the window
place her tea on the bedside and enjoy her smile
watch as she walks nude to the shower
maybe do some drawing as she eats her cereal
noodle around then ask what she'd like to do today
she says- hmmmm maybe catch up with Beth
hop on your bike and get the hell out of there
lie on the studio floor think about her
have lunch with a friend and talk about her
make a painting for her, come home and find her reading on the couch
fetch some pasta and vegetables to cook, ask her how her day was
-yeah nice she says
pray with sincerity to the great lineage of Buddhas who have walked the path before you
sit and watch some t.v with her
what's she thinking?
she looks pretty absorbed in 'True Blood'
think-'I'm qualified to satisfy you in anyway you want me to'
hop back in bed, she'll drift off easily, feel your heart pumping pumping pumping

1 comment:

Amber Wallis said...

super beautiful. ache. thump.