Monday, June 7, 2010

I did the rounds in primary school

Adam Landsdown's mum worked at Peter's Ice-cream so we could have as many Buffalo Bill's as we liked there, and take home a few stickers.
Johnny Eklunds mum, made fantastic salad sandwiches, and I went on a camp trip to Rosebud, with the Ecklund's and she did a top job crumbing and BBQing the flathead we caught.
Callum Deakins mum, never had much to offer except maybe a sunnyboy.
Nigel Stein's mum would give us a dollar so we would go buy that stuff that explodes in your mouth then turns to chewing gum.
Scott Wilcox mum would offer us a bowl of muesli after school which was pretty weird eating cereal at 4pm.
Warwick Brown's mum did the best sponge cake and creamy icing and always had a bit of Mars bar slice on offer.
Cameron Atkin's mum, had a pantry full of chips, wizz fizz, everything. Spent a few years hangin out with Cam.
Anthony Reece's mum did really buttery ham and cheese sandwiches in the grill. Outside and inside buttered.
Chris Naylor's mum, was pretty big on licorice.
My mum, did that nice coconut, strawberry jam, biscuity slice which was pretty popular.

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tim said...

robby i love this. and it was super nice to see you today... thanks for dropping by.

nick lund's mum used to have those food for astronaut space bars. and ricky deaton's mum had a fridge full of ninja turtle softdrink in all four flavours.