Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hold on

Boris Cipusev- Wrap me up(courtesy Arts Projects)

Will McKinnon- Josephine Napurrula (courtesy Utopian Slumps)
Gas is building for a massive fART FAIR at the royal exhibitions centre this year. Lisa Radford and I have kindly been offered a space down the back on the first floor, near the toilets to relieve some gas. It'll be a big re-instalment of 'Texticles-therapeutic text pieces by men in the community' that was first shown at TCB last year. Been very exciting to gather new work from around fifty artists. Lisa has also put together a sweet catalog for the show.
heres a link to more info on the Art Fair Website but it opens to the public next Thurs 4th Aug at the Exhibition Centre.
info here

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