Sunday, January 16, 2011

you would've seen me there

I was there man, I was there

where were you exactly?

I was there man


I was there when Janis was rippin it at woodstock, yeah I was there


yeah man I was there when Picasso was there sippin it at the 4 Cats

wow you must be old. Biggie and Tupac?


John and Yoko, rollin in it at strawberry fields?

there. It was a little awkward to watch but yeah of course I was there that was seminal

what about when Cher sang 'If I could turn back time' on the ship?

there. front row

wow so what is it you actually do with yourself?

I was there. I'm the guy that was there!

so I'll see you at U2 at the Telstra Dome?

ah no