Monday, March 14, 2011

converstation with city horse

me: howdy doody buddy!
horse: shitfull
me: aw whats the matter?
horse: besides a carriage full of drunken bogans, standing in my shit all day, eating crap hay from a bucket, and having this nark whip, I'm missin' me lady
me: oh buddy I bet shes thinkin of you
horse: yeah as she roams wild through the mountains with 20 black stallions
me: I dream of getting out into the mountains too
horse: get out there, one less city cunt to ride my ass in this hell hole you've made for yourselves
me: righto see ya then buddy, might catch you tomorrow, new day and all...
horse: yep

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paul said...

w.s in response maxie

Human Arrangement

Place-bound and time-bound in evening rain
And bound by a sound which does not change,

Except that it begins and ends,
Begins again and ends again-

Rain without change within or from
Without. In this place and in this time

And in this sound, which do no change,
In which the rain is all one thing,

In the sky, an imagined, wooden chair
Is the clear-point of an edifice,

Forced up from nothing, evening's chair,
Blue-strutted curule, true-unreal,

The centre of transformations that
Transform from transformation's self,

In a glitter that is a life, a gold
That is a being, a will, a fate.