Tuesday, April 5, 2011

found these old painting ideas from a few years ago

Painting Ideas
-My sister lent me a book on anxiety it was covered in ‘happy’ contact so neighbouring train passengers could not see what she was reading. ‘Favours’

-Chromer’s plastic bag and can, quite beautiful objects left on the path next to merri creek. ‘Inexpensive getaway’

-Nude man frail figure leaning on backyard seat and table,
‘who knows what we do in private’

-Carrie, rock and roll daughter practicing bass on family couch. Teenage dreaming. ‘I think about only you’

-White painting, wet bath matt, post shower, morning remains maybe razor Remnants from morning rush.

-sprawled Cat, poof, magazine mug of tea arrangement, phone, domestic arrangement ‘all bases covered.’ Comforting scenario

-Floating sculpture smiley face above ny city skyline (empire state view photos), numbed face happy with ever expanding concrete jungle ‘this could go on forever’

-Small Lap Dog, dressed with wig of flowing hair and sun hat. Looking absurd- ‘ I don’t even relate well to people’

-rotten fig leaf barely covering genitals ,new religious painting

-male head nuzzleing female groin area with nice curvy bottom nice fit.

-Feminine man holding female, maybe give him blue eye shadow.

-Paint a silly collage as a collage maybe screwed up or folded.

-Old dude printed out lying down rose in hand ‘throw down your guns’ domestic objects around him.

-Blonde hair bookmarked in sleazenation, with flower photographed on street side for face, flower face.
- Anxiety irrational thinking everybody is thinking about me when in fact theyre fairly disinterested.
- Large painting of a starling, tribute to an unpopular bird, seagull etc sparrow, sptted turtle dove.
- Dude with hat over eyes.
- Two dudes wearing shades
- ‘It’s in your mind’ text piece.
- ‘What a bunch of shit’ text piece written in the sky.
- Bearded men floating in asian skies.
- ‘I love buttons’ text piece
- ‘a screen’ stare for hours

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