Saturday, June 11, 2011

new friend Deep Voice

hot sweaty on train KL Sentral to Sungai Buloh
deep voice-Where you from?
me-Melbourne, Australia
deep voice- I love Bendigo
me- oh wow you've been to Bendigo, so you've been to Melboune
deep voice- yes I don't like so much
me- where are you from?
deep voice- Ghana
me- oh wow I dig African music
deep voice- you want a woman
me- oh no thanks
deep voice- what you do here
me- oh I'm an artist on a residency, what you here for
deep voice- business
me- oh yeah
deep voice- selling gold, you want some
me- no thanks, they love it here though I bet you do well. Your family in Ghana
deep voice- yes, my wife, five kids
me- wow you look young
deep voice- 30
me- yeah I'm 32 no kids yet
deep voice- I want two more kids, you only live once. heres my number call me
me- ok cheers good bye
deep voice- good bye all the best

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