Saturday, September 15, 2012

That would’ve taken ages
-No not long really
That great how long did it take you
-Not long really
Wow really? Like how long?
-Just a bit
Wow that’s amazing can you teach me to do it that fast
-Its not about the time really
Oh man but I don’t have much time
-But that’s not what its about
Well yes it is because it looks like it took you ages
-But its more about what its about
Whats it about?
-Well its about the world before time
Wow, looks like ages ago
-Yeah ageless ago more like it
Ha ha I like your smirk after you said that, that must have meant something, I know nothing about
-Can you leave me alone now
Yeah sure but that was a compliment when I said that looks like it took ages
Theres that smirk again
-Sorry the smirk doesn’t mean anything
There it is again, did it mean something ages ago
-Probs not

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