Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lulu still has all her soft toys in her bedroom – very cute really for an 8 year old.  On Sunday we went to her piano recital.  There were about 10 pianists – she was 4th on and did a very good job of 2 pieces.  It is a good idea to get them to perform early, like they do at their school when they have different grades doing a singing item most Mondays.  The Sunday concert had beginners up to grade 8 pianists who could have performed at the concert hall.  There was one poor Chinese kid, Richard Fu, 8th grade pianist and played amazingly but poor kid had the personality of a dial tone and Mum was hovering around him and I reckon he would practise about 10 hours a day. He had on a white shirt even with the top button done up.

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