Saturday, March 21, 2015

Artist in Residence Drawing Club

Join artist in residence, Rob McHaffie, for a relaxed evening of drawing throughout Autumn.
Each session will OFFER artists a chance to meet and enjoy drawing together, be they beginner or advanced artists.
During the session, Rob McHaffie will assist participants to develop a visual LANGUAGEthat will enable them to interpret the landscape or subject in a personal way. Emphasis will be placed on the selection of visual material from the landscape and the development of colour, tone and composition.
rob mchaffie parklands 2014
Rob McHaffie, Parklands, 2014
March En Plein Air Landscape
When: Thursday 5 March 6.30 - 8pm
Where: Billilla Historic Mansion, 26 Halifax St, Brighton
Cost: $5 participation fee
April Still Life Drawing
When: Thursday 2 April 6.30 - 8pm
Where: The Gallery @ Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre
cnr. Carpenter and Wilson St, Brighton
Cost: $5 participation fee
May Life Drawing
When: Thursday 14 May 6.30 - 8pm
Where: The Gallery @ Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre
cnr. Carpenter and Wilson St, Brighton
Cost: $10 participation fee (including model’s fee)
Bookings: or book on-line
What to bring: drawing materials, sketchpad or drawing board.

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