Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a dream I don't have many

I went to see barry humphries live on stage, at somewhere like the arts centre, there wasn't too many people in the audience, and barry was doing his usual pick people out of the crowd and include them in his joke telling. I felt really hot flustered and irritable so I walked outside the theatre into a kind of saloon bar with big blokes behind the bar. a lady( kind of a freckly model) who was situated near one of the walls gave me a cup of water from one of those glug glug glug water stations. I slumped against the wall on the floor and she lay down with me and put her head on my chest. I noticed how freckly her arms were.

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Joanna said...

Hey just the other day I had a dream that my auntie Bob (that's short for Robin) was going out with Barry Humphries' brother. They were all doing a xmas pantomime together, and everyone, Barry, his bro and Bob were all painted red and wearing red clothing. Bob had green hair and it really suited her. This kid Chris Moore I used to go to primary school with was watching the pantomime too. He had a really insecure and pathetic dog and I remember glancing over and not being able to tell the dog's leg from C. moore's leg because they both had similar hairy/wooly blonde hair on the leg.