Saturday, August 22, 2009

dusty social skills?

if you spend a lot of time on your lonesome (ie. a fisherman, a road train driver, or artist), you may be wondering why the few social encounters you do have leave you feeling a little nervy or awkward. Whilst on your own you think some wacky shit maybe for hours or days. You arrive at a social occasion with a head full of wacky shit going around in your head and you cant really listen to people. It might be an idea to write a page or two of stream of consciousness wacky shit. Let it all out, before the social event, just to clear your brain a bit. The brain gets dusty. Not saying there's no truth in the dust and it shouldn't be spoken, but the brain, can need an oil change, some new lubricant or a bit of a clean out. I haven't yet tried this excercise so I hope you go well enjoy your socializing.

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