Monday, February 15, 2010

hell show this friday

Hell’s Bottom Drawer

Hell’s Bottom Drawer
Selected by Jess Johnson, Susan Jacobs, Katherine Hattam / Opening Friday 19th Feb, 6pm til late / BBQ, Films & Tunes / 20.02.10 - 13.03.10

Angela Brennan / Aaron Carter / Jon Cattapan / Jad Fair (USA) / Philip Flynn (JAPAN) / Adrienne Gaha / Andy Gritscher / Brent Harris / Katie Lee / Richard Long (UK) / Will Mackinnon / Rob McHaffie / Rowan McNaught / Jordy O’Connor / Daniel Price / Hell Toupee: Benjamin Teuben


Hell Gallery launches into 2010 with a drawing show that throws a wide net over the Mark Makers of the Universe. Hells Bottom Drawer presents a selection of artists that mixes generations and conventions. From well known artworld figures to those completely independent from the artworld. Throw in a seventy-year age spread and drawing is shown as an equaliser; a unifying human compulsion in all its forms: functional, scrappy, immediate, meticulous, precious or throwaway.

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