Sunday, February 28, 2010

peter singer me somethin tres miserable

We cannot, for example, reason with Mother Nature. We cannot sanction our way through global warming or declare war on the melting ice caps in the Arctic in order to make them cease their melting. We cannot gather the dying bee population together, demand by law that they stop dying, and oder them to continue to pollinate our plants, lest we suffer starvation from lack of plant regeneration. Reason has run its course when it comes to Mother Nature's life system, we intuitively know this to be true. We can feel that there is a psychic pressure in the collective atmosphere, a type of shared anxiety that is both personal and impersonal, as if the atmosphere is pregnant with impending disasters, but yet the five senses tell us the world we live in looks the same as it always has. Only intuitively we know it's not the same. Everything about our lives is changing at light speed now, changing so fast the world we wake up in is significantly different from the world we go to sleep in each evening.
-taken from Caroline Myss defy gravity
thanks jake for thethings change rock

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