Friday, March 15, 2013

Been working on this one this week, not finished yet, looks a bit sad though I've been reasonably cheerful of late, just been watching the news a bit more so this is a prayer for that sth African runner, without the legs or girlfriend now, and for the poor Chinese choking on their own productivity in Beijing and for the Nth Koreans who seem so keen to set off atomic bombs, whoa... I remember Bigsy on triple R once said we'll all be doing the world a favour if we do nothing but just sit around for a 100 years or so, give the planet and ourselves a break for a bit, let things grow again. Kind of happy I don't hear Bigsy's voice here in Thailand though, imagine waking up next to that voice... sounds a bit more audible when that lady from Dymocks books visits him though, he's always pumped when she visits.

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